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Agostini Domenico


He graduated in trumpet at "Santa Cecilia" Conservatory in Rome and obtained in 2007 the Second Level Diploma (Master Degree) in music for wind instruments.

Very young in his trumpet career became a Soloist and performed at important festivals and musical events in Italy and in USA and Europe tournees, such as "Festival Internazionale della Pace" of Assisi (Perugia), "Festival Internazionale di Loreto" (Ancona), "Festival Barocco di Viterbo", "Luzern Festival" (Switzerland) and "Wuppertal Festival" (Germany) playing in duo with organ or with orchestras as Soloist.

He recorded solo trumpet with organ for "Kelidon" editions, "Setticlavio" editions and "Deutsche Grammophon".

Approaching to baroque music, he dedicated himself to the study of the natural trumpet and to its repertoire, performing both as soloist and in baroque ensemble of ancient instruments, among which "Roma Barocca Ensemble", "Harmonia Urbis", "Orchestra Barocca Haramus" and "Fondazione Pietà dei Turchini".

On 2004 he held an important soloist concert at the "Quirinale Palace" (the Palace of Italian Republic President), which was broadcast live by the national networks.

On 2007 played as a soloist at presence of Hightest State Italian Offices.

He held as Teacher several natural trumpet courses, among which in 2009 "Farnese Musica Estate", "Ripa Teatina Festival" from 2011 to 2016 editions.

On 2014 he performed "Brandeburg Concert n.2" with the famous "Accademia Musicale San Pietro Orchestra.

He is a founding member of the brass group "Pentaphon"; with this brass group he played from 2010 during the Solemn Liturgies in "San Pietro Basilica" in Rome.


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