Il Gruppo di Ottoni alle celebrazioni del Papa

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The sextet is the founding group of musicians for all the celebrations held in the Vatican in the presence of the Holy Father. 

In 2010 they have been chosen by the Master of the Sistine Chapel Mons. Massimo Palombella, to be the musical group who could bring back to the Vatican the tradition of the “Silver Trumpets”, chosen to accompany the Pontifical Celebrations in the Vatican Basilica, playing from the first lodge of the tambour of the chapel or from the inner lodge of the Hall of the Blessings. 

The “Silver Trumpets” are two compositions that go back to 1846, the first one is played at the exit of the Supreme Pontiff, while the other one is the “Largo" or "Armonia Religiosa" by Domenico Silveri, played at the moment of the Elevation. 

In 2014, they pressed for "Deutsche Grammpophon" the "Trombe d’argento" fanfare on The Theme of Tu Es Petrus” composed by Mons. Massimo Palombella.

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