Il Gruppo di Ottoni alle celebrazioni del Papa

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The Silver Trumpets - Deutsche Grammophon

The first large brass CD of the pontifical Sistine Music Chapel

The Silver Trumpets: the first large brass CD of the pontifical Sistine Music Chapel published by Deutsche Grammophon.
Since October 2010 the brass group is present at all the solemn celebrations presided over by the Pope in the Vatican Basilica and st. Peter's square, and in this album is collected the best of what has been performed in these years. These are live recordings during the papal celebrations, recordings ordered according to the criterion of the unfolding of the liturgical year.
The " Silver trumpets " with the March and the " wide religious " open the album. Worthy of note are the sonata " Pian And Forte " by Giovanni Gabrieli, performed during the cardinals created by the galleries of the Vatican Basilica, the " Fanfare " on the Gregorian theme of " you es petrus " composed in 2013, in the last months of the pontificate of Benedict XVI, in place of the "March de longhi". there are also some of the most beautiful music pages and escapes of J. S. Bach, the result of appropriate processing by Giuseppe Calabrese, which are normally performed at the end of the papal celebrations.

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