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Caretta Alessandro


He graduated at Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome with a full mark (with the maximum of votes) and then he completed a Basso Tuba two-year period (2nd degree) at Santa Cecilia Conservatory with the highest marks and honour.

He attended masterclass with several Masters: Mario Barsotti, Robert Tucci, Gene Pokorny, Alan Bear, Alessandro Fossi, Marco Pierobon, Basilio San Filippo, Antonio Ruggeri, Jan Van Der Roost and the course of orchestral specialization at Santa Cecilia Academy with Masters Andrea Conti and Andrea Lucchi.

He was the winner of a competition at Carabinieri Army Band and at the State Police's Music Band.

He was recognized suitable for teaching classes at Alfredo Casella dell'Aquila Music Conservatory.

He collaborated with various symphony orchestras including Abruzzo Symphony Orchestra, Marrucino Theater, Pescara Symphony Orchestra, Santa Cecilia Conservatory's Orchestra and various wind bands. 

He plays in various chamber music ensembles such as quintets and brass bands.

He currently plays the tuba at the Italian Police Band.

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